Thursday, June 18, 2009

The beginning- boredom

So here it is. I was at home one night with alot to do but not doing much. Maybe I was bored. Various friends have started a blog and updated it on their travels or thoughts about every day life. Cant be that hard can it?

I usually document my travels and climbs with photos but i guess they only tell half the story. People often ask about my travels and adventures so i guess this is good way to share them.

Boredom can be a wonderful thing. It can give you real time to think. I have to admit that i have rarely been bored in my whole life. I always seem to have something to do or somewhere to go or someone to see. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be time to just be. I guess I'm lucky that I found things I'm passionate about.
The last few months have been fairly hectic. Good times, great times, amazing times and crushingly devastating times. Thats life i guess. Life moves on.

Keep it real and look ahead.

Be inspired. There is a massive big world out there to explore. Do it in your own way.

bon chance

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